International protection and registration of digital premier brands 'VW' and 'VOLKSWAGEN', as well as the entire product range.


As one of the world's leading companies in the automotive sector, Volkswagen AG hardly needs any introduction. In recent years in particular, Volkswagen AG has impressively staked out its leading position in technology and innovation.


INDECA registered individual domains - mainly the German suffix .de and some .com domains for Volkswagen as long ago as 1995. The need to secure the brands across national borders grew quickly, however. Three years later, this need led to the specific order to protect the above described brands worldwide as domains. This order has lasted until the present due to the constant to and fro among the world of domains.


The scope of the registrations combined with the participating departments, made a special management tool necessary. Today, the entire Volkswagen group manages its domains with REGxecute, a program that links the Marketing, Brand and Patent departments, Legal department and numerous other parties with each other in a sophisticated workflow. REGxecute supports negotiated and legally protected domain acquisitions, distributes domains to separate cost centres, and keeps an electronic record for each domain. This service is supported by an INDECA department that deals solely with this issue and is dedicated exclusively to the Volkswagen group.

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