Safeguarding of trademark rights through registration of domains mainly in Eastern European countries.


As the third oldest car manufacturer in the world, Škoda can look back on a long tradition. Škoda is a Czech car manufacturer, which was founded in 1895 and is therefore one of the oldest companies in the industry. The company has belonged to Volkswagen AG since 1991.


Shortly after being awarded the contract by Volkswagen AG, the Czech subsidiary ŠKODA AUTO a.s. began arranging for INDECA GmbH to protect the brand domains. This protection was significantly expanded by the Marketing department in 2009.


As a member of the Volkswagen group, SKODA as User is also within the 'Volkswagen' mandate in the REGxecute portal and thus is able to gather information within this portal and exchange information when necessary. Based on long experience and collaboration in the management of all domains, SKODA decided not only to expand the registration of international domains but also to make INDECA responsible for the management of all domestic .cz domains. A fact we are very proud of.

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