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Audi AG, based in Ingolstadt (Bavaria), is a German car manufacturer that belongs to the Volkswagen Group, and dates back to 1932 when the Auto Union was founded.


The brand Audi is currently being registered, alongside Volkswagen AG, in all countries where this is currently possible.


As is the case with Volkswagen AG, the Ingolstadt based group is constantly in danger of having its brands "grabbed" because these are recognised worldwide. To date we completed almost 200 transfers! In other words, 200 successful transfers back to the AUDI AG portfolio. However, this is also an indication of the very good cooperation between the departments of AUDI AG and INDECA GmbH.


"Within our brand department, INDECA GmbH has been an incredibly reliable partner for national and international domain name registration for more than ten years. Of particular importance in that respect is their customised service for reclaiming third-party-registered domains in mutual agreement or with the help of the law. Intense contact with all involved instances is indispensable here. Thanks to their skilled management of all our domains, INDECA GmbH has made a key contribution to these tasks in order to protect the Audi AG brands."

Klaus le Vrang | Heidi Sprenger


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